Andrew scoured the history books (and downloaded way too many movies) to bring you this look back at the most memorable live hard rock and metal band performances in movies.



Ozzy's cameo in The Jerky Boys (YouTube)

“Hammer Smashed Face” the Disney version (YouTube)

Workout Playlist:

“Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

“Tommy The Cat” by Primus (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey)

“Saddam A Go-Go” by Gwar (Empire Records)

“Symptom of the Universe” by Helmet (The Jerky Boys)

“Gas Chamber” by L7 (Serial Mom)

“Feuer Frei!” by Rammstein (xXx)

“Rock & Roll Queen” by The Subways (RocknRolla)

“Doctor Rock” by Motörhead (Eat the Rich)

“Beheaded” by The Offspring (Idle Hands)

Season 2 Spotify Playlist (Part 1):

Bonus Playlist: Movie Performances:


Hosted by Don Sutherland

Co-hosted and researched by Andrew Sutherland

Edited by Ian Sutherland

Logo by Rob Sutherland

Theme song: “Stallions of the Highway” by Savage Blade





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